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A collaboration of collaborators in Amagansett, May 5

Untitled Projects
Curated by Catherine Haggarty and Karen Hesse Flatow

May 5, 2018, 4-8PM
68A Schellinger Road, Amagansett, NY
Inquiries:  info@crush-curatorial

CRUSHCURATORIAL is pleased to present, 
UNTITLED PROJECTS, a one-day exhibition bringing artists and curators from New York and the East End together for a weekend retreat and one day exhibition.   There is an overwhelming number of singularly strong artists that work tirelessly to promote and advocate for other artists in New York City and the East End. This one day only exhibit highlights their work and their ventures to echo the importance of both their work as artists as well as culture producers.  The wave of artist-run is shifting the way artists work both professionally and personally.  New more flexible arts platforms are emerging.  New channels of distribution are proliferating giving more power to artists and a more open structure.  UNTITLED PROJECTS is proud to present its inaugural exhibit and weekend.  Projects range from formal gallery systems, artist-run collectives, on-line exhibition spaces and social media driven sales platform. 

Artists Featured:  Scott Bluedorn (Neoteric), Sharon Butler (Two Coats of Paint), Jess Cannon (Far x Wide), Courtney Childress (Yours, Mine and Ours)  Vince Contarino (Present Company) Nick Cuevas (Couples Counseling, Underdonk), Courtney Childress (Founder, Yours, Mine and Ours), Jess Cannon (Far x Wide), Nick Cuevas (Couples Counseling, Onderdonk) Hilary Doyle (NYC Crit Club),  Karen Hesse Flatow(CRUSHCURATORIAL), Devra Freelander (Material Girls), Janet Goleas(JMG Projects), Jesse Greenberg (JAG Projects) Catherine Haggarty(Ortega Y Gasset, NYC Crit Club)  JJ Manford (Onderdonk), Kimia Kline(Curator, Wythe Hotel),  Calli Moore (See You Next Thursday), Leeza Meksin(Founder, Ortega Y Gasset), Andrew Prayzner (Tiger Strikes Asteroids),  Sara Salamone & Tyler Lafreniere (Mrs. Gallery), Zach Seeger (Couples Counseling), Elise Soliven (Onderdonk), Emily Wiener (Soloway)  Almond Zigmund (Artist’s and Writers) 

Image at top: Sharon Butler, 2017 (SS), 2018, fabric trim, thread, pigment, gommets on linen tarp, 70 x 60 inches. 


DUMBO Open Studios

April 28 & 29, 1-6 pm
55 Washington Street #454 Brooklyn, NY 11201

"On April 28 + 29, 2018, artists in DUMBO will open their doors to the public as a part of DUMBO Open Studios, giving visitors a look into studios and workspaces across the Brooklyn waterfront."


Art Auction / March 29, 2018 / Bushwick

Truro Center for the Arts Fundraising Auction
On Thursday, March 29, I’m participating in a fundraising auction for The Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill, a vibrant community arts organization on the east end of Cape Cod.  

David & Schweitzer Contemporary
56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY
March 29, 6:00pm 
The exhibition will be on view Thursday March 29th through Sunday April 1st.

Artists include Joan Snyder, Richard Baker, Sarah Lutz, Mira Schor, Diana Horowitz, Anne Gilman, Andre Gregory, Barbara Cohen, Ying Li, Melissa Meyer, Dorothy Cochran, and 20 others,  many of whom have taught workshops at Castle Hill.  

Image at top: Sharon Butler, Free Your Mind, 2014, fabric, pigment, binder on canvas, 18 x 24 inches. Minimum bid $200. 

To see (most) of the artwork that will be in the auction, click here.

Invitation: Editions + Friends

"Edititions + Friends" at Theodore:Art, 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY / October 27-29, 2017 / RECEPTION Friday October 27, 6-9 PM

Drawing has become an increasingly important part of my art practice, and this weekend, four etching editions produced during a stimulating residency at Counterproof Press (located on the campus of the University of Connecticut at Storrs) will be on display in "Editions+Friends,” a collaborative project organized by Theodore:Art in Bushwick. The etchings, jumbled interpretations of geometric forms observed in everyday life, are beautifully printed by master printer and amazing artist Laurie Sloan, and have never been shown in New York. Four copies of the Good Morning Drawings, an artist book created in conjunction with a summer exhibition at SEASON in Seattle, will also be available I'm excited to show my work alongside editions by talented friends Michelle Vaughan, Oliver Wasow, Christopher Moss, Andrew Witkin, Alastair Duncan, and Richard Pauland.

Organized by self-described print geek Stephanie Theodore, this fantastic weekend event will feature curated collections of independent art editions and publications publishers. Jane Simpson of Galerie Simpson, Swansea (UK), Russell Calabrese and Tom Jones of Editions Fawbush, New York, and Markie Speyer and Jacqueline Cantu of Ginger have all been invited to participate. 

Read more here. 

“Editions + Friends,” Theodore:Art, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. October 27-29, 2017 / RECEPTION Friday October 27, 6-9 PM  / Special hours Friday-Saturday 1-8 PM, Sunday 1-6 pm / For information and images, please contact Stephanie Theodore at or (212) 966-4324.

Image at top: Sharon Butler, Taillight, 2016, etching, 15 x 18 inches (paper size) edition of 10. Printed by Laurie Sloan at Counterproof Press.

Gallery talk with Eric Brown and Sharon Butler

"Eric Brown will discuss his exhibition, his painting and practice with Sharon Butler, artist and editor of Two Coats of Paint."

Sunday, September 24, 3-4 pm

56 Bogart Street, Bushwick
Brooklyn, NY


“American Genre: Contemporary Painting,”

On Friday, September 15, the Institute of Contemporary Art at the Maine College of Art in Portland is hosting a symposium in conjunction with  “American Genre: Contemporary Painting,” a sprawling exhibition curated by Michelle Grabner. Please join us for the symposium, which will begin with morning coffee and an introduction by Grabner, and end with an afternoon panel discussion and a closing reception. I look forward to seeing the show and participating in the 2 pm panel discussion, moderated by Barry Schwabsky, that includes painters Angela Dufresne, Shara Hughes, painter-writer Roger White, and art historian-curator Christopher Stiegler. The discussion is intended to be a community event, so the audience will be encouraged to take part during an extended (and, I hope, lively) Q & A session.

Here is the full schedule of events:
10:00 – 10:30  |  Coffee in MECA lobby
10:30  | ICA
Welcome from Gail Spaien
Introduction: Why Genre: Michelle Grabner, Curator
10:55 – 12:30  | ICA
Keynote: Contemporary Genre Painting: Animating the Intimate
Marie Shurkus, PhD, Associate Professor, Chair Academic Studies, MECA
12:30 – 2:00  |  Lunch
Options Include: MECA Cafe and Local Eateries
2:00  |  ICA
Introduction: Gail Spaien
2:15 – 4:30  |  ICA
Panel Discussion
Moderator: Barry Schwabsky
Sharon Butler, painter, writer
Angela Dufresne, painter
Shara Hughes, painter
Christopher Stiegler, art historian, curator
Roger White, painter, writer
5:00  |  ICA
Closing Reception
Institute of Contemporary Art at the Maine College of Art

“Blue State,” curated by Two Coats of Paint for DUMBO Open Studios 2017

“Blue State” curated by Two Coats of Paint / Sharon Butler
May 13 & 14, 12- 6 pm.
Artists: Matthew Deleget, David Mann, Helen O’Leary, Sharon Butler
Can anyone stop thinking about politics these days? I can’t. For “Blue State,” I selected work that reflects my restive state of mind.

Matthew Deleget
Matthew Deleget  and his wife Rossana Martinez are the founders of Minus Space, a gallery on Main Street in DUMBO that specializes in reductive abstraction. Matthew’s art practice encompasses several modes of working, including installations, accumulation, and painting. “My work absorbs, digests, and reacts to what I see and hear around me … urban culture, corporate government, news propaganda, unwinnable wars, religious fundamentalism, unconscionable materialism, and more.” In Deleget’s hands, art may be abstract and reductive, but it can still be political.
David Mann
David Mann lives in Brooklyn and has maintained a studio in DUMBO for over thirty years. His dark, mysterious paintings walk a nuanced line between abstraction and representation, between the illusion of photographic effects and painterly materiality. He and I share an interest in the character of the painted surface and how it can convey meaning. Here he gaslights viewers into wondering what they are perceiving – a photograph or a painting, a record of something real or imagined.
Helen O’Leary
After many years in Brooklyn, Irish painter Helen O’Leary recently relocated to Jersey City.
Her new work is about her own history as a painter, rooted in ruin and failure. “I have disassembled the wooden structures of previous paintings—the stretchers, panels, and frames—and have cut them back to rudimentary hand-built slabs of wood, glued and patched together, their history of being stapled, splashed with bits of paint, and stapled again to linen clearly evident.” To paraphrase Beckett, we can’t go on, we must go on.
Sharon L. Butler
Sharon Butler has been making abstract drawings on a phone app called PicsArt and posting them on Instagram each morning. She says the drawings are like worry beads—working on them keeps her from checking Twitter obsessively for news that impeachment proceedings against the 45th president have begun. She is the publisher and founder of Two Coats of Paint.
About Two Coats of Paint
Two Coats of Paint is a NYC-based art project founded in 2007. It includes an award-winning art blogazine, artist residency, small press, and other special initiatives, such as curating this exhibition. Two Coats gained fiscal sponsorship two years ago and has received funding from Creative Capital, the Warhol Foundation, blogazine reader donations, and an ongoing advertising initiative. Two Coats of Paint is a participant in the Two Trees Cultural Space Subsidy Program.

Two Coats of Paint
55 Washington Street #321
Brooklyn, NY 11201
 Image at top: Sharon Butler, digital drawing, 2017, on Instagram.

Dumbo Open Studios 2017, May 13 & 14

"Sharon Butler: Good Morning Drawings" in Seattle

SEASON is excited to present a solo show of recent oil paintings by Sharon Butler, available for viewing from April 1 to June 30 with an opening reception on Thursday, April 20, 2017.

“In March 2016 I began making digital drawings and posting them on Instagram each morning. I had planned to continue the ritual for one month and then use the images for a book project, but I find that, more than a year later, I’m still drawing and posting them each day. Initially, they were inspired by the common artists’ practice of showing images of paintings to one another by phone. I wanted to make original work that was actually intended to be seen exclusively on the phone, and practically could not be seen in any other way. I make the drawings directly in a phone app, using simple geometric shape tools. Sharing them on Instagram creates a layer of confusion. “How big are these? What is the medium? Where can I see them?” Are questions viewers often ask. “On the phone,” I always tell them. “They are made on the phone, to be seen on the phone.” --Sharon Butler
1222 NE Ravenna Blvd
Seattle, WA, 98105
(206) 679-0706

Image at top: Sharon Butler, Stepped Rule, 2016, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches.

“Deux Côtés / Two Sides,” at Galerie Jean Fournier

 “Deux Côtés / Two Sides,” at Galerie Jean Fournier.  This exhibition is the second of a two-part collaboration, presented with  Theodore:Art in Brooklyn.

Gallerists Stephanie Theodore (Brooklyn) and Emilie Ovaere Corthay (Paris) noticed common preoccupations among abstract painters in Paris and New York. They conceived a two-part exhibition that demonstrates the similarities and differences on both sides of the Atlantic. In September, the first part of the exhibition was installed at Theodore:Art in Brooklyn, and for the second part, the Galerie Jean Fournier is welcoming work from the same American artists (Eric Brown, Sharon Butler, Jack Davidson and Joyce Robins) in a dialogue with Fabienne Gaston-Dreyfus, Nicolas Guiet, Pierre Mabille, Peter Soriano and Claude Tetot–all united by abstraction and color.

The approaches of these eight artists are of course unique, but are all underpinned by the idea of a simple geometry, without ostentation, absolutely undemonstrative. These artists are also united by the search for formal balance and a profound understanding of the constructive and expansive power of color.

Galerie Jean Fournier
22, rue du Bac Paris 75007
t : + 33 (0)1 42 97 44 00
10 h – 12 h 30 / 14 h – 19 h
du mardi au samedi

Image at top: Sharon Butler, July, 2016, oil on canvas, 38 x 32 inches.

Sharon Butler at PULSE in Miami

 A solo show (S-105) curated by Robert Yoder/SEASON at the PULSE Contemporary Art Fair

PULSE Contemporary Art Fair: Considered one of the must-see art fairs in Miami this week, PULSE opens on Thursday, December 1, with the Private Preview Brunch, 10am – 1pm, where over 75 local and international exhibitors will welcome VIP guests and press for first access to new works.  The fair runs through Sunday, December 4th, 2016. For more information on PULSE Miami Beach 2016 including hours, directions, please see the Visitors page.  Robert Yoder has selected paintings based on digital drawings I post on Instagram each morning.

Image at top: Sharon Butler, Stepped Rule, 2016, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches.

Deux Côtés / Two Sides

September 9 – October 16, 2016
RECEPTION Friday September 9, 6-9 PM  

Theodore:Art is pleased to present "Deux Côtés," the first of a two-part exhibition presented in collaboration with Galerie Jean Fournier, Paris.  The second part will take place at Galerie Jean Fournier in December 2016.
By means of a series of conversation that Emilie Ovaere-Corthay, Director of Galerie Jean Fournier, and Stephanie Theodore had in front of paintings, both in real life and on computer monitors, an idea was born, of a presentation of work of mature painters with strong local followings who each in his/her own way push the practice of painting as a means to an expressive, subjective end.   The language of painting transcends national identity and geopolitical boundaries.  The concerns of painters–-color, gesture, texture, form, expression–-can suggest heretofore unknown communities among painting practitioners.  This exhibition is an attempt to foster further collaboration and dialogue in the circles of painters on two sides of the Atlantic. 

Theodore:Art / 56 Bogart Street / Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

For more information and images please contact Stephanie Theodore at 212 966 4324 or

Image at top: Sharon Butler, Clipping Path, 2016, oil on canvas, 38 x 32 inches.

The Conversion of Things

SEMINAR @ New York Studio Residency Program/AICAD
20 Jay St, Suite M10 (mezzanine floor) Brooklyn
F to York St. or A & C to High St.

The AICAD Studio Practice Residency is pleased to announce "The Conversion of Things," our first exhibition of works by resident artists Gabriel Hopson, Rebecca Connolly, Zhijie Chang, Jill Taffet, and their mentors Sharon Butler, Aaron Johnson, and Esperanza Mayobre. The exhibition brings together a range of practices linked together by the dialog between the artists and their different translations of visual, cultural, and formal languages.

"The Conversion of Things" opened Thursday, September 1st from 6 - 9 pm as part of Art in Dumbo’s First Thursdays. This is also the first in a new series of monthly exhibitions at the New York Studio Residency Program’s project space, SEMINAR, is open to public on Saturdays and Sundays from noon until 6pm and by appointment during the week.

Image at top: A wall drawing made for the show, based on the digitial "Good Morning" drawings I post on Instagram each day. Image via Kate Gavriel and Art in DUMBO. Link to the drawing series:

Common Room

September 7 - October 16, 2016 / Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 7, 6-8pm

Curated by Björn Meyer-Ebrecht, with work by William Eric Brown, Sharon Butler, Paul Gagner, Jule Korneffel, Esperanza Mayobre, David McBride, Adam Parker Smith, Jenny Vogel

Common Room is an installation of a room within a room. It is both a sculpture as well as a piece of architecture functioning to exhibit the work of eight artists: Eric Brown, Sharon Butler, Paul Gagner, Jule Korneffel, Esperanza Mayobre, David McBride, Adam Parker Smith, and Jenny Vogel.

The room’s structure consists of a wooden platform as a floor and painted plywood wall elements. Each wall, painted with a thick border and in two distinct colors, serves as a frame for one or several artworks. Each individual artwork in turn functions as a window and offers a connection to the world outside the room.

Lesley Heller Workspace / 54 Orchard Street / New York, NY 10002 / 212 410 6120 / Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 11 – 6, Sunday 12 – 6 /

Image at top: Sharon Butler, Gas Grill 3, 2014, pigment, binder, thread, pencil on linen tarp and canvas, 72 x 84 inches.

Machines of Paint and Other Materials

Studio 1046 Productions is delighted to present "Machines of Paint and Other Materials" at 72 Front Street in Dumbo Brooklyn, a temporary exhibition space / Opening September 10th, 6-9pm.
"Machines of Paint and Other Materials" is a non-thematic group show featuring large and small abstract  painting and sculpture. The exhibition will present work by established and emerging artists who share in possessing a directed passion fed by their art.

Artists include: Sharon Butler, Cora Cohen, Elizabeth Hazan, Kathleen Kucka,Doreen McCarthy, Marcie MacGuffie, Laura Newman, Erin O'Brien, Nakima Draper-Ollin, Lisa Stefanelli, Jennifer Riley, Patrick Burns, Nathaniel Flagg, Craig Fisher, Michael Geshwer, Julian Hatton, Erick Johnson, Russell Roberts, Steve West, Kelly Wilson
Gallery Hours: Friday 3-6 / Saturday,Sunday 12-6,  And By Appointment / An artist will be present during these times.
(212)203-5055 For Appointments and Inquiries
Image at top: Sharon Butler, Untitled (Double Stroke), 2016, oil on canvas, 68 x 80 inches.

PostPrint Magazine presents "Expensive Poetry"

Expensive Poetry
Postprint Magazine Issue 001
August 5 – 21, 2016
Curated by Julian A. Jimarez Howard in collaboration with Postprint Magazine
Opening Reception: Friday August 5th | 7pm-10pm
Featuring artwork by: Sharon Butler, Paul D’Agostino, Gary Gissler, Julia Madsen, An Authentic Skid Mark (Kaleigh Moynihan), Giovanna Olmos, Charles Shields, and Seldon Yuan
OUTLET Fine Art is pleased to present ISSUE 001: EXPENSIVE POETRY, the first issue of Postprint Magazine, a space for poetry that lives beyond the printed page, IRL. The first issue dilates the concept of a printed periodical of poetry wide enough to take in also color, form, and the systems of commerce that hold them. By collapsing the limits of the printed page, so too, the distinction between reading and seeing may also be collapsed, allowing for the fulfillment of a new poetics. The process of perception every artist in this issue carries us through, from place to place in the gallery, describes an answer to the question: if poetry is a process of perception, what is the limit of poetry, if not words? 

By reforming old notions of publication and its platforms, by translating them to a more 3d space, Postprint Magazine stands as a vivid response to the life and the limits of the printed page.

Image at top: Sharon Butler, The Animated Reader, 2015, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches.

Time Out New York names Two Coats of Paint one of the ten best art websites

Art critic Howard Halle recommends ten websites: "These 10 art websites will keep you on top of the latest trends in contemporary art, whether you‘re a fan or an expert. If your exposure to art is limited to the occasional trip to Chelsea’s galleries, the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Modern Art, it may be because you simply don’t have the time to really get into it. But say you’re still curious about the latest art-world goings-on. What to do? Well, like pretty much everything these days, that information is as close to you as the nearest keyboard or smartphone. ...."

Websites include:
Art F City
The Art Newspaper
The Architect's Newspaper
Two Coats of Paint

"Two Coats of Paint is run by blogger Sharon Butler, a Brooklyn painter who devotes her widely read site to painting, with reviews and profiles of other practitioners of the medium. Given the resurgence of painting that’s currently underway, Butler’s blog is more relevant than ever."

Thanks Howard!

"Elementary" at the Truro Center for the Arts

Elementary: Paintings by Sharon Butler, Sharon Horvath and Patricia Miranda
July 11 - 22, 2016

This exhibition highlights the work of three artists who focus on the basic components of painting. Sharon Butler’s paintings illuminate process and materials. Sharon Horvath makes intimate works that ponder the mysterious alchemy  of imaginary forms and material color. Patricia Miranda uses organic dyes and pigments to reconstruct and recontextualize enigmatic objects. Individually and collectively, these artists plumb the basic elements of art, taking contemporary painting in intriguing new directions.
Opening Reception: July 14th from 4 - 6pm

Image at top: Courtesy of Patricia Miranda
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